• Garcinia Cambogia Capsules by Dr. Shams, Appetite Control and Weight Loss

Garcinia Cambogia Capsules by Dr. Shams, Appetite Control and Weight Loss

Facts to know:

·        One of the most negative habits experienced by millions around the world is hyper appetite, and is represented in eating unusually large quantities of food even when satiated.

·        This problem affects individuals with health problems such as indigestion and obesity, for many reasons, including:

·        The way we eat food.

·        Diet plans of all kinds that leave a person feeling constant hunger, whether it is a diet regimen or weight loss pills.

Information about slimming drugs:

Many people think that taking slimming medications may help them lose weight faster and easier, but they do not know that there are several risks associated with taking these medications, without knowing their source and without consulting a doctor, the most important of which are:

·        Increased heart rate.

·        Diarrhea.

·        Difficulty falling asleep.

·        Liver damage.

So, what is the safe solution to control appetite and excess weight loss?

·        Simple adjustments in diet and lifestyle can help stop overeating episodes while improving overall health.

·        Focus on reducing the amount of calories in an attempt to lose weight instead of depriving some foods.

·        Establishing fixed eating times daily is one of the most effective ways to stop binge eating.

·        Practicing meditation and yoga: One of the activities that most help the body not to eat food, periodically and regularly, is practicing greed.

·        A proper choice of the nature of the food we eat.

·        Eat safe natural supplements that help suppress appetite, lose extra weight, and burn fat.

Product Description:

·       A safe Blend Of 100% Natural Ingredients. Non-GMO And Gluten-Free.

·       "Garcinia Cambogia" capsules are an advanced formula produced by Dr. Sun, contains the extract of the Garcinia cambogia plant, which is able to suppress appetite and improve the ability of metabolism to burn and dissolve body fat stored in the body. It also eliminates triglycerides and aids in cholesterol balance.

·       The ideal way to lose ultimate weight and control appetite

·       Garcinia Cambogia Supplements provide 95% HCA (Hydroxycitrac Acid).

·       Contains potassium, which is necessary for increased bioavailability and absorption.

·       It does not contain other additional ingredients such as additives, preservatives and fillers.

·       It has incredible properties for ideal weight loss.

·       They are uniquely designed to provide ultimate benefits of burning fat, suppressing appetite, boosting metabolism and elevating mood.

·       Regulating the biosynthesis of internal fats to burn stored fat cells by converting fats into glycogen and energy, which in turn burns more fat.

·       It prevents the absorption of carbohydrates and prevents major enzymes to prevent the formation of fatty deposits.

·       Naturally suppressing appetite and controlling cravings for food to reduce eating and binge eating.

·       Increase metabolism and energy, increase endurance and exercise.

·       Reducing stress hormones such as cortisol, which is one of the main causes of increased body fat.

·       Increase Serotonin levels to boost mood and a positive feeling of happiness.

·       Dietary supplement, vegan. For Unisex.

·       Halal.

·       Powerful and exclusive formula. Free from preservatives, free from impurities. 30 capsules


·        As a dietary supplement, take a capsule three times daily before "every half an hour", or as directed by your healthcare professional. Healthy Digestion. 

·        As a dietary supplement, take one capsule three times daily after "each meal," or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Ingredients: 100% Garcinia Cambogia Extract

Other Ingredients: (Capsule) vegetable cellulose, vegetable grade magnesium stearate. Preservative free.

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Garcinia Cambogia Capsules by Dr. Shams, Appetite Control and Weight Loss

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