• Manuka Honey with Korean Red Ginseng

New Zealand Manuka Honey with Korean Red Ginseng

A natural product made with a special blend of manuka honey, Panax ginseng extract, and New Zealand bee venom.

A safe Blend Of 100% Natural Ingredients. Non-GMO And Gluten-Free.

·       Manuka honey:

The characteristics of Manuka honey comes from the nectar of the manuka flower, which contributes to the formation of unique natural compounds that make manuka honey very different from other honey.

Manuka honey is rich in the following: B vitamins, copper, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, potassium, sodium, zinc, and amino acids. Manuka honey contains 4 times more nutrients than regular honey in general.

Manuka honey contains high levels of 15 UMF phenols.

Benefits of Manuka honey:

Improved Sexual Desire: Without mood, you will never enjoy sex. Due to its aphrodisiac properties, New Zealand manuka honey can greatly lift your sexual desires. So, before indulging in sex, take two tablespoons of Manuka honey to enjoy sex. Improve erection: Regular consumption of honey will generally boost your sexual performance. For example, it facilitates a smooth blood flow to the genitals which in turn leads to stronger erections. Increased stamina: Undoubtedly, improved sexual endurance makes sexual intercourse last longer.


It protects against damage caused by bacteria. It also promotes the production of special cells that can repair tissues damaged by infection. And it has an anti-inflammatory effect that can quickly relieve pain and inflammation.

• It is also considered a treatment for stomach germs and digestive system diseases such as stomach ulcers, colon, and acidity.

• Manuka honey has calming effects for: sore throat - cold symptoms - cough - infections of the internal cavity - cold symptoms - fever sores.

Manuka honey strengthens the immune system.

·       Red Korean ginseng:

Ginseng is a distinctive herb whose roots began to be used thousands of years ago, as one of the most important treatments used in Chinese medicine within the Asian continent, which made it widely known at the level of various medicinal herbs, and it should be noted that the name of the genus of ginseng is (Panax), which means (all healing In Greek, ginseng is also known as the energy herb.

Benefits of red Korean ginseng:

• (glycosides) in red ginseng is not found in other plants and herbs, and this is why red ginseng is distinguished by beneficial properties and effects that are not available to other plants.

• Red ginseng affects men's sexual desire through its regulating and strengthening effect of sexual hormones, which makes sexual desire strong and flowing permanently, not temporary.

Enhance mental focus.

• Stimulate and stimulate the central nervous system.

Improving the immune system performance.

Reducing blood sugar levels.

• Helps control diabetes.

• Permanent increase in sexual ability and treatment of male sexual dysfunction.

Reducing stress and feeling tired.

It strengthens the heart muscle and increases the ability of the heart to work.

Reducing cholesterol levels.

Reducing mental confusion and treating headaches.

• Treatment of high and low blood pressure.

• Purifying the lungs, expanding the airways, and treating chest diseases.

Reducing symptoms of anxiety and chronic anxiety.

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Manuka Honey with Korean Red Ginseng

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