• Skin Lightening and Whitening Capsules

True-Fair Skin Lightening and Whitening Capsules by Dr. Shams

Get rid of pimples, acne and skin infections

Human skin:

·       There are many individual differences between one person and another, which may include scientific and social differences, in addition to the differences that include height, weight and skin color, so we find brown, white and dark skin in addition to combination skin.

·       There are many reasons that lead to this difference in skin color, such as: the proportion of pigment in the dermis of the skin, and its scientific name is "melanin".

·       Ultraviolet rays also play a big role in stimulating melanin production, thus increasing skin absorption of it, means increasing skin tone

Product Description:

·       "True-Fair" Capsules by Dr. Shams is not only to lighten the skin, but also has a great effect on removing wrinkles and delaying the signs of aging as well as treating skin problems and diseases because it consists of the extract of a group of natural herbs rich in natural antioxidants and the amino acids "glutamic, cysteine ​​and glycine" known scientifically as glutathione ( Which are produced naturally by the human liver) and have an important effect on the integrity and health of red blood cells and skin cells protection.

·       It works to whiten and lighten the skin tone by inhibiting melanin production and reducing the concentration of pigmentation in the skin, while at the same time compensating for the melanin protection benefits of the skin.

·       Contains collagen, as well as extracts from herbs and medicinal plants that promote skin.

·       Maintains skin youthfulness, helps eliminate pimples, and heals cuts and bruises.

·       It helps remove toxins from the skin.

·       It has a strong effect on aging resistance.

·       It works to naturally stimulate collagen production in the body.

·       Get rid of the effects of inflammation, sunburn and acne.

·       A safe Blend Of 100% Natural Ingredients. Non-GMO And Gluten-Free.

·       Dietary supplement, vegan. For Unisex.

·       Halal.

·       Powerful and exclusive formula. Free from preservatives, free from impurities. 30 capsules


·        As a dietary supplement, take one capsule three times daily after "each meal," or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Ingredients: Green tea, rosehip, lutein, zeaxanthin, milk thistle (silymarin), L-methionine, quercetin, hesperidin

Other Ingredients: (Capsule) vegetable cellulose, vegetable grade magnesium stearate. Preservative free.


·             Do not exceed the recommended daily dose or more than 14 days.

·             Store in cool and dry place, away from light.

·             Keep out of the reach of children. Pregnant or lactating women, the chronically ill, elderly, individuals under the age of 12, those taking prescription medications (e.g., blood thinners) as well as those with a physician-diagnosed medical condition should consult with a physician, pharmacist, naturopath or other qualified healthcare professional prior to taking dietary supplements.


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Skin Lightening and Whitening Capsules

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