Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions


Introduction and general provisions

Welcome to the website and application of DrShamshere are the terms and conditions related to the terms of use and access to the pages of DrShams The words and expressions contained in this agreement are given the meanings assigned to them as follows:

D. Shams ": It means the brand name cosmetics dShams to take care of health, fitness and beauty.

“ Site ”: means wherever it is mentioned in the agreementShams "and all the pages, links, tools, and features branching out of the site and related to the services provided by it are an integral part of Dr. Shamswebsite.

Customer ": means the party that requests the service from the "site", whether this party is a natural person or a legal person.

“ Agreement ”: means the terms and conditions agreement for the use of DrShams Online, which includes all the terms and conditions described to the customer, which govern and regulate the process of the customer's use of DrShams -e.


·   Customer acknowledges and agrees that the use of the site is the adoption of clear and explicit states doing to read and understand the terms of this and the provisions of the Convention and how to use the site as is the acceptance and approval of explicit than on the terms and provisions of this Agreement and responding to a full capacity considered legitimately and legallyIt also considers the customer to use the site approve an explicit commitment to it and respond to all the terms and provisions of the Convention and all the provisions and conditions for special dShams it is known to the customer that in the event of choosing the consent condition, the terms and conditions of the agreement are considered valid vis-à-vis the client.

·   These terms of use and the legal documents are subject to change by us at any timeYour continued use of the site after the posting of any change means your acceptance of these terms of use and the legal documents that have been amended.


A summary of the site

This site is a platform for ecommercewhich allows display and sale of Ntjat and cosmetics dShams to care for health, fitness and beauty , and allows companies and individuals to purchase any of these products and preparations .


Registration conditions:

1- You must be of the legal age, which is 18 years, in order to be able to purchase products in your country of residence, and the site has the right to cancel the account of any member who has not reached the age of 18 years without notice, with a commitment to settle his financial accounts immediately after closing the account.     

2- To be able to provide a real address for delivery of products.     

3- No person has the right to use the site if his membership is canceled by DrShams .     

4- In the event that any user registers as a commercial establishment, his commercial establishment shall be bound by all the terms and conditions contained in this agreement.     

5- Every person who uses the site must abide by (all regulationslaws in force to regulate ecommerce (commerce via the Internet ).     

6. No customer use Mail entitled El Ktrona one andA and a mobile one to open more than one account number for any reason whatsoever, shall have the right to manage the site freeze accounts violation and / or cancellation of these accountsor one of them with the obligation to liquidate all the transactions relating to the account before closing it andor frozen and / or e to Gaih without a n entail any liability on the site.     

The customer acknowledges and agrees, and in the event that it is proved that he violated clause (5) above, that the site has the right to cancel any purchase or sale orders or any operations made by the customer, and in this case the customer acknowledges and agrees that there is no liability on the site and Al-Dawaa company.

Customer's obligations

When you use or access the Services, you agree to the following:

1- His responsibility for preserving privacy and restricting access to and use of his account and password, and agreeing to assume responsibility for all activities that take place in his account name and password.     

2- Agree to notify us immediately of any unauthorized use of his password or account, or any other breach of the website's safe use standards.     

3- Providing complete, true, accurate and current information about himself and his use of services as specified by us.       

4- Not to disclose to others (except as necessary or as specified by us) about the user's information provided to him.     

5- Cooperating with our requests to obtain additional information regarding his eligibility and use of our services.     

6- He is not entitled to use the services of the site and to carry out operations that are in violation of the laws and regulations in force in any country and any other government agencies that have the power to supervise and monitor local trade services and e-commerce regulations and provisions, and if this is proven, the customer places himself under legal and personal responsibility and acknowledges He bears full legal responsibility and acknowledges that no legal liability is attached to the site .     

7 - The client declares that if it is proven that he violated him, he is entitled to DrShamstaking all legal measures to confront him and claim the damages she suffered.     

General Terms


1- We reserve the right to refuse to provide the service for any reason and at any time we see fit.     

2- You must understand that your data (which does not include your credit card information) may be transferred without encryption and may be subject to:     

A - transport is between the networks of different on the network Internet,         

B - changes of the order to be reconciled and adjusted as suitable for the requirements of technical networks or devices connected with thembut the information cards and credit is always what is encrypted before converted via the Internet .   

3- You cannot reuse, re-create, copy, sell, re-sell, or exploit any part of the services or contents of the site, or use the service or enter the service or data of any of the site’s users without permission. My book is from us.     

4- The headings used in this agreement are included as examples only, and are not limited to or affected by these conditions.     


Contraindications to use

Along with other prohibitions of use that we have reviewed in the terms of use, you are prohibited from using the site or any of its contents:

1- For any purposes contrary to the law,  

2 - To incite others to do or participate in any acts contrary to the law.

3 - For violating any international, federal, regional or local laws or rules.

4- For violating our intellectual property rights or the intellectual property rights of others.

5- To harass, abuse, insult, harm, defame, defame, defame someone, threaten or discriminate according to gender, religion, ethnicity, sect, age, nationality, or disability.     

6- To spread false or misleading information

7- To remove or convert viruses or any other type of malware that can be used in any way to affect our main site, other sites connected to it, other sites, or even the Internet in general.

8- To collect or track the personal information of others

9 - To send malicious e-mails or to phish the information of others or to steal the information of the site’s customers and refer them to another site or to social engineering or to crawl on the network or to steal information from the site.

10 - For any purposes contrary to morals or morals,

11 - To interfere in or around any of the security features of the site or any of the sites connected to it, or other sites or the Internet in generalTherefore, we reserve the right to stop your use of the site or any linked sites if you violate any of the previous prohibitions.

We also reserve the right to modify or discontinue the service at any time (or any part of the site’s contents) without prior notice and at any time we deem appropriate.

We will not be liable to you or any other party for any modifications, price changes, suspension or suspension of service.

All product and service prices do not include value-added taxunless otherwise advised in certain cases.


Products or services

Some products or services may be available exclusively over the Internet through our website, and these products or services may be available in limited quantities and cannot be returned or exchanged except in accordance with our return policy.

We have made every effort to display the images and colors of our products on the website with great accuracy so that they appear the same as they appear in our stores, but we do not guarantee that your computer or mobile screen will display any of the colors with the required accuracyBearing in mind that the image or appearance of the external product may differ in reality from what is on the website.

We reserve the right, without obligation, to limit sales of our products or services to any person or geographic region, and we will use this right according to the situationWe also reserve the right to determine the quantities of any products or services that we provide, and all product specifications and prices may be changed at any time without prior notice according to what we see appropriateWe also reserve the right to discontinue any product at any time, and any offers for any product or service will not be in effect if stopped.

We guarantee the quality of our products and their conformity with international standards and to Be not we can guarantee that the quality of any of our products or servicesor our information or other goods that you buy from us will meet your expectations, or that it will correct any errors that may occur on our services.

Products and customer evaluation

They are entitled to customers who have purchased any product a disease evaluation and dissemination of their comments, and maintains dShams will post or block these ratings or comments as it sees fit.

Shopping cart

We reserve the complete right to determine the number of items selected for each person or per family or per order in the "shopping cart".

The order determination system is applied to the materials that were ordered from the same account or the same credit card in addition to the orders that use the same shipping address or billing addressWe will send an alert to the customer in case the material limitation system has been applied to his account.

Accuracy of account statements and account information

We have the right to refuse any purchase order that you place on us, as we, at our discretion, may limit or cancel the quantities sold for each person, every family, or every purchase orderThese restrictions may include purchase orders placed by or under the same customer account or credit card itself, and / or purchase orders that use the same account statement and / or the address sent to himIn the event that we change or cancel a purchase order, we may try to inform you of the matter by contacting you via the email, account statement address, or phone number that we obtained when you placed the purchase orderWe also reserve the right to limit or block orders that appear, at our discretion, to have been placed by dealers, resellers, or distributors.

You agree to provide us with updated, complete and accurate information about the purchase order and account whenever you want to buy anything from our store, and you also agree to update your account information and other information if it changes, including your email address, your credit card number and expiration dates, so that we can complete your operations on the site And contact with you when needed.

For more details, please refer to the Return and Exchange Policy article.

Products of other companies

We may display products and products from other companies on our website, and we are working hard to ensure their qualitybut they are not subject to our supervision or control except with regard to shipping and delivery .

You acknowledge and agree that we have provided you with the ability to purchase these products and preparations from other companies "as is" and "as available to us" without any guarantees, offers or conditions of any kind and without any follow-upWe are not responsible for these products in terms of quality .

In the future, we may also offer new services and / or features through the website (including launching new tools or resources), and these new features and / or services will also be subject to the same terms of use.

Delivery information

The shipping date depends on your order, city and payment methodPlease note that reservation requests are not included in the standard shipping time summarized below.

The maximum delivery time is 7 working days , depending on the type of items and their quantities

Delivery time is estimated and not guaranteedTo review the estimated delivery date and time, please review the product pageThe product page is regularly updated based on the latest information.

Please note that the purchase of the customer who requests the place of residence is not specified in the list of cities and neighborhoods in the shipping address entitled us e to Gaaha directly.


paying off

The website offers the ability to purchase products or services through the site (online) and pay the required amount via the Internet using a credit card or Paypal account, or by transferring to one of our bank accounts.

In the event of payment with a bank transfer, the preparation of the dog will not begin until we receive a notification from the bank that the transfer has been completed.

All cash transfers and payments must be made in US dollars or equivalent currencies without deducting transfer fees .


Our payment system includes several methods / forms of payment methods:

In the case of online payment, the customer will receive a notification on the screen as soon as the payment is acceptedWe are not responsible if the payment process is rejected or canceled by the credit card service provider for any reasonYou must check with the bank providing the credit card service about the reason for the rejection.

We do not store your credit card information on the websiteIf all the information and details that you enter through the electronic payment gateway is encrypted for the purpose of security protection, and are also traded mail encryption and to the location of the service provider.

We do not provide any of the payment information made through the site to other companies or individual entities unless it is requested by an official legal authorityThis information is processed by our payment officer.

You must ensure that the information related to your credit card that you use to pay for electronic services is correct, valid and accurate, and you must use the credit card legally affiliated with youYour personal information will not be used or shared by electronic services with any third party, with the exception of verifying the legitimacy of the information and not falsifying it, or when requested by the law or legal systems, or at the request of the courtThe website service (online) will not be responsible in any way for credit card fraudYou will be held responsible for the use of fraudulent credit cards and you will be fully responsible for proving otherwise.

In the event that we are not able to provide the request or part of it, we will inform you directly in this regardAll or part of the amount paid by the credit card you used to pay the order amount will be refunded.

Your use of the electronic payment service (online) of our website constitutes an implicit consent to your commitment to these termsIf you do not agree to any of the terms of these terms, we ask that you do not use this service.


Third-party links

Some content, products and services provided through our main service may contain materials from third parties.

Third-party links may take you to other websites that do not follow us, therefore, we shall not be responsible for examining or evaluating the contents or accuracy of the information of these sites, nor do we guarantee or assume any legal or moral responsibility for any of the materials or sites of other parties, or Other materials, products or services provided by those parties.

We are also not responsible for any damage or damage related to the purchase or use of any goods, services, resources, content, or other dealings with the websites of these partiesPlease review the material on the practices and policies of third parties carefully and make sure that you understand them well before engaging in any dealings, and any complaints, allegations, concerns, or questions related to third-party products will be transferred to those parties.


User comments and Ngzyatem counter and other posts

If you send us, upon our request, any posts (inputs for competitions, for example), or without asking us, such as sending creative ideas, suggestions, offers, plans or other materials, whether via the Internet or via e-mail or mail Or other methods, we are not obligated to amend, copy, publish, distribute or translate those comments you send to us or use them in any other way, and we are not committed to

1- Maintain the confidentiality of any of these comments     

2- Pay any compensation for those comments       

3- Respond to any of these comments.       

We may monitor, amend or delete, without obligation, from us, any content that we consider violating the law, offensive, threatening, defamatory, pornographic, or immoral, or that may be objected to, or that it violates any intellectual property rights of any party, or that it violates our terms of service.

You agree that all of your comments do not violate the rights of any other party, including intellectual property, trademarks, privacy, personality or other personal and property rightsYou also agree that your comments will not contain materials that are defamatory, unlawful, offensive or immoral, or that they contain computer viruses or other malicious software that would affect our service systems and the websites connected to themAlso, you are not permitted to use a fake email, impersonate another person, mislead us or any of the other parties so that we do not know the source of any of your commentsYou are solely responsible for any comments you send and for their accuracy, as we do not bear any responsibility or liability for any of the comments posted by other parties.


Cancelling order

Cancellation of the request by DrSun

We reserve the right to cancel the order for any of the following reasons:

1- Refusing / not accepting the payment process     

2- The customer is more than (12) hours late in paying through the SADAD payment system.     

3- If the delivery address given by the customer is wrong, or the contact information is wrong, or the inability to reach the customer.     

Cancellation of the order by the customer : To continue the order cancellation process, you must contact us firstYou can cancel your order for any of the following reasons:

If the order is not delivered or shipped to youIn the event that the cancellation takes place after shipping or sending the order, you will be charged a cancellation feeWe reserve the right to fully match the time in which they ship your order with the time you sent the cancellation request.

We cannot provide / deliver the required product / service within a reasonable time, which is two working days from the day the order is confirmed.


Return, exchange and refund

In the event that you are not satisfied with the product or if there is a defect in the product, you can, within (3) days of receiving the product, request a "refund / product request" to return the product to DrShams .


In the event that the product is returned due to a defect in the product, a defect from the manufacturer, or as a result of damage during the delivery of the product, or due to the incorrect / wrong product delivery, no additional fees for shipping service or bank transfer fees will be chargedIn case of return for other reasons, (the customer needs to replace the product or the customer’s desire has changed in general), the customer will be charged shipping fees or bank transfer fees.

When preparing for a return, it must be in its original condition with all accessories and instruction manual includedWe do not accept Rewind containing products have been scratched or damaged due to misuse , for us the right to not agree to accept Rewind products that do not meet the above criteria.



Errors, inaccuracies and omissions

From time to time, information may be published on our website that may contain misspellings, uncertainty about the correctness of the information, or omissions, which may relate to product specifications, prices, offers, product shipping costs, transportation period, and product availabilityWe reserve the right to amend any errors, inaccuracies or omissions by changing or updating information or canceling purchase orders if any of the information on our website or on any of the linked sites is inaccurate at any time without prior notice (even after it has been sent Purchase orders).

We also bear no responsibility for updating, correcting or clarifying the information on our website or any of the sites linked to it, including the pricing information, except for those required by lawIt is not necessary to take any dates for updates or modifications appearing on the site or any of the sites connected to it as an indication that all the information appearing on the site or any of the sites connected to it has been amended or updated.


Termination of service

The obligations of the responsibilities of all parties prior to the termination date will remain in effect until the termination of this agreement.

These terms of service will remain in effect until they are canceled by you or us, as you can revoke these terms at any time by notifying us that you no longer wish to use our services or when you stop using our site.

If we believe that you have not been able, or we suspect that you will not be able, to meet any of the articles or clauses of these terms of use, we may breach this agreement at any time without prior notice, and you will remain responsible for all amounts due until the date of the agreement's expiration, and / or consequently you may We prohibit you from using the site (or any part of it).


The whole agreement

If we fail to implement any right or article of the Terms of Service, this is not a waiver by us.

The terms of service and any policies or operating rules published by us on this site or in connection with the service represent the complete agreement and understanding between you and us that governs your use of the service, which cancels any past or present agreements, communications or offers, whether verbal or written, between you and us (including In it - but it is not limited to - any previous articles of the terms of service).

Any ambiguity or confusion in the interpretation of these terms of service should not be explained by the party writing them.


Regulating law

All terms of service and any separate agreements related to providing services to you are subject to and interpreted in accordance with the laws in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and in the event of any dispute or dispute arising, arbitration shall be resorted to.

Use, without affecting or affecting the validity of any of the other terms


Amendment to the list of terms and conditions

Dr.. Shams has the absolute right at any time to amend the terms and conditions of the website without prior notice or warningYou can access the latest version of the terms and conditions at any time on the websiteIn the event that you do not accept the amendments to the terms and conditions, you must stop using this serviceIf you continue to use this service, you implicitly agree to be bound by the amended terms and conditions on the use of this website.


to contact us

If you have any questions about the privacy policy, you can contact us through any of the following communication methods:

E - mail :info@doctorshams.com


Contact us via WhatsApp  198 026 5 9407 +

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